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Important Compliance Information for I-502 Producers and Processors

WAC 314-55-099 – Standardized Scales

What does it mean?
• You must have at least one “standardized scale” at each of your facilities
• “Standardized” means “legal for trade”

What’s a “legal for trade” scale?
• One that IS NTEP approved
• …that has been calibrated and sealed onsite by a registered service agent

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Link to WAC 314-55-099

WAC 314-55-099
Standardized scales.

(1) Marijuana producer and processor licensees must have at least one scale on the licensed premises for the traceability and inventory of products.
(2) The scales and other measuring devices are subject to chapter 19.94 RCW, and must meet the requirements of the most current version of chapters 16-662 WAC.
(3) Licensees must register scales on a business license application with business license services through the department of revenue as required under chapter 19.94 RCW.

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